Save your seat for the FREE Dream Customer Crash Course

Finding, Attracting, and SELLING to Your Dreamiest of Customers 💕

The Online Business Owners Crash Course to Finding and Attracting Their Dream Customers

During this FREE hands-on workshop, we'll cover:

💁‍♀️ Defining who your dream customers really are, not who you think they *might* be.

I'll guide you through exercises that go beyond their age, gender, and occupation

🎯How to use a free market research tool to learn your customer's likes and interests

Right down to the stores they regularly shop at and the tv shows they watch!

💰 How you can use this new dream customer information to market your offers

Ya know, so you can make money, and finally reach those 10k months!

I'm not gonna leave you hanging!

You'll get access to a workbook and a worksheet to fill out as we work through these exercises together, on-screen.


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